About Us

Trio Logistics Ltd was founded in 2009 by the Graham family; Dean, Keith, and Darren Graham. They share many years experience in the delivery industry and have brought their knowledge from national organisations within the industry to a local level.

Since then, the company has expanded yearly; not just in staff numbers but by the services available to our customers. We have now reached a stage where we can offer every level of delivery option available in the market, becoming a ‘one stop shop’ for all of our customers.

Trio Logistics’ main direction for the business is to provide a warm and friendly service for our customers. Our stand out point compared to our competitors and how they operate is that our main focus is having that day to day contact with our customers, which we believe in turn generates the best service possible. Our customers love the fact that we do not have call centres; all of our staff are based at our Alton depot and answer the phone personally, meaning that you will never be held in a queue or have to speak to an automated system.

To this day we pride ourselves on our family run business which currently boasts over 30 employees, the vast majority of which are family and family friends.

We are also a proud partner of APC Overnight, who are the UK’s largest independent delivery network, with more than 115 local depots that guarantee streamlined coverage.

Why Choose us

  • Local, family-run business meaning you get that personal touch
  • Depot based customer service team meaning no call centres or automated telephone systems
  • Friendly, helpful drivers that will go that extra mile to ensure you get your parcel, on time
  • Door to door tracking facilities and text alert service
  • Variety of delivery options and times available
  • Simple and efficient booking system which can be customized to you
  • Ability to agree collection times to fit with your business
  • Support of our partner APC Overnight, yet our individuality enables us the flexibility to make in-house decisions in order to resolve all situations promptly.